Black Mirror

Once upon a time there was a place where the waves beat the sand, the grass lily, the tulip of the soil, the air smelled of roses, the birds crowed, the trees rustled with a gentle wind wandering among the leaves, people trusted each other, no negative things happened. Here, nature is not contaminated, theContinue reading “Black Mirror”

Supporting and sharing the ego of the woman is satisfying…

Supporting and sharing the ego of the woman is satisfying… It provides feelings to support and support, share and assist the woman’s ego satisfaction. Woman values much more aesthetic concerns, love, communication, beauty than men. Love and harmony are more important to them. A woman feels the pleasure of winning a race or winning theContinue reading “Supporting and sharing the ego of the woman is satisfying…”

Ancient rock art discovered in Golan Heights burial sites

The megalithic structure is one of the thousands of so-called dolmens scattered around northern Israel and the wider region, burial tombs erected some 4,000-4,500 years ago in the Intermediate Bronze Era. Uri Berger, a regional archaeologist for the Israel Antiquities Authority, displays engravings in a rock bearing images of animals inside a dolmen from theContinue reading “Ancient rock art discovered in Golan Heights burial sites”

Science of Lie

Are you honest with yourself?They asked: “Does this dress make me look fat?” The answer of most people is ready as “No”. For some, this is not even a question. Let’s be honest, what’s the truth? Maybe he’s overweight when he wears that dress, but is it a defect? Telling him the truth may leadContinue reading “Science of Lie”


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