Extraordinary Marketing-3

Successful unusual marketer
What would you do if a global company opened a store right next to you? You would probably be worried, you would think things would get worse. Our citizen from Trabzon, who opened a “Blue” clothing company, knew how to solve the problem by making the business name “Burgundy” in the same font, same point and in the same line. In this way, he both raised himself to the global level and managed to attract attention. He accomplished this by working hard and gaining the sympathy of his people.

In social life ..
It is possible to apply these procedures, which we call “extraordinary”, outside of sales and marketing. We conclude with a good example that you can develop extraordinary methods for the problems in our daily life:
The old man’s son is charged with a series of murders. The old and desperate man writes a letter to his son:
“My son, we are foreigners around here. Nobody helped us after you went to jail. I have to plant potatoes, but I am very sick. Oh boy, I wish you were with me! ”
As soon as his son reads the letter, he is in a hurry and immediately requests a pen and a pen from the guards and writes a hurried letter to his father:

“Don’t you dare say don’t dig the field. I buried the bodies there. If corpses are found, they will prove my fault. ”
The young man has made the biggest mistake of his life without knowing it. Because incoming and outgoing letters in prisons are read and checked. They deliver the letter of the young man to the police station immediately. With the support of other police from the neighboring states, a feverish search is launched. The field is full of holes but no corpse can be found. The matter is understood by a second letter to the old man:
“Daddy, I tried to do my best under these circumstances”

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8 thoughts on “Extraordinary Marketing-3

  1. I love amazing marketing… I love when you can capture attention like that!! Some are very brilliant!
    Very funny story!! To have the fields dug for his father – how sweet and also innovative when considering his situation✌️

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Yes was a very sweet story! The son did for the father even though he, himself, couldn’t be there ❤️ … did not expect that lol … was sweet with thought, and funny cause I didn’t expect lol

        Also love the posts about advertising – some are really brilliant! Nowadays though, I wonder if they try to use shock value to capture attention?

        When I was a kid, advertisers would have songs for their commercials … those still stick in my head… that’s brilliance cause years later I still think of them – and know the songs lol 😄✌️

        Sometimes we have crazy commercials that stick out during our Super Bowl (American Football 🏈) … people either watch for the game OR for the commercials.

        Liked by 1 person

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