Proverbs about lying and cheating

Proverbs about lying and cheating are as follows:

  • Many words are not false and many goods are not haram: The ones who talk a lot speak a lie, and the winner is used as a proverb which contains doubt and precaution, which means that he gained haram.
  • The dervish said that Baghdad has rice in it, if not a lie, it is not an iraq: It is a proverb that tells that a person must make sacrifices to fulfill something he wants most.
  • The world runs out, lies never ends: It is a proverb meaning that the world will continue to be lied to as long as it exists.
  • Nobody believed that the liar’s house was burned: It is a proverb that means that when liars are understood, nobody believes them anymore.
  • The candle of the liar burns until it comes to sleep: False lies is a proverb which means that it is understandable if it does not last long.

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