Lying and right

I do not like lying people at all. Actually, life is more beautiful and happy without lying, but when you talk, it becomes insurmountable.

I want to share a story about not lying to you.

Never Lie Telling Story

A very nice story about lying is waiting for you. I think you will read it with pleasure. Good readings. Once upon a time, my knowledge was very precious. People worked hard to learn science, and they endured all kinds of difficulties. At a young age, they left their villages and families to learn science and lived under difficult conditions for years away from them. Sayyid Abdulkadir also had a desire to learn at a young age and started to look for it. Finally he could not stand, coming to his mother;

-My mother, “I want to go to Baghdad to learn science.” said. Her mother is;

  • I am not willing to leave you. However, I do not want to keep you from Allah’s way. He made road preparations for his mother Abdülkadir. Finally, saying that he needs his son, he put his vest under the armpit in a pouch so as not to lose 40 gold. Then he looked into his son’s eyes and said:

-Finally, the advice is that if you want to please me and Allah, don’t lie, never leave truth. God is the helper of the truth, anytime and anywhere. Sayyid Abdülkadir promised his mother and kissed her hand, crying. He started off by joining a caravan going to Baghdad. When they entered a narrow passage near Hemedan, a shouting broke out in the caravan. The bandits attacked the caravan. Suddenly, all the chests fell to the ground, and things began to loot. The bandits were taking what’s in the caravan, or taking it all. One of the bandits came to Abdulkadir. To be a joke looking at his poor state;

  • Tell me, what are you, poor boy? Abdülkadir;

–I have only 40 coins, he replied. The bandit was surprised, then began to laugh. He couldn’t believe it and asked again;

  • Are you telling the truth? Abdulkadir:
    Yes, I’m telling the truth, I have 40 coins. The bandit was curious. He took Abdulkadir by his hand and took it to his heads. He explained the situation to his heads. The head of the bandits;

-You have 40 gold, is that true? Abdülkadir;

-Yes true. Head;

-Tell me. Where did you hide it? Abdülkadir;

-Hidden under my seat in my card. Thereupon, the bandits found 40 gold coins hidden under his seat and handed them to his chiefs. Everyone was very surprised. The chief asked in amazement;

So, boy, why did you say you had gold on it? If you hadn’t told us, we wouldn’t have found them. Abdülkadir;

-When I left my mother, I promised that I would never lie. When your friend asked you if you have anything, I said I had gold. Do you think I will return from the promise I made for 40 gold? Hearing these words, the head of the bandits was very surprised and took a deep thought. Then turning to those around him;
Woe to us. We couldn’t be as much as this boy. This boy gives everything to avoid returning from his promise to his mother. Although we promised Allah, we never stopped making promises. We did what he said to do, and when we appear before Allah tomorrow, we will be nice? Then he continued as follows:

Witness you. Right now, this boy made me return bad. I regret and repent for all my sins I have done so far. After that, I will be a good person and not do my Lord’s work. Bandits who are very loyal to their chiefs are always unanimous;

-Our leader, we won’t leave you. They all regretted and repented, saying whatever you walked on the road. They returned all of what they got from the people in the caravan and promised not to commit any more rogue. Seyyid Abdülkadir continued on his way and reached Baghdad. There he was busy with his science education. In a short time he became a very famous scholar. It led thousands of people to give up evil and become good people. Be you, never lie.

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