My weekend diary

I want to share my memory with you over the weekend. There was a 9 to 15 curfew on Saturday so I was at home and I got bored. As soon as the ban ended, I left the house and went out of the city. I traveled a lot of greenery. There was also a curfew on Sunday. A curfew was imposed on the university entrance exam. I took time for myself during the ban.

I want to share with you a topic that I encountered while traveling alone. I sometimes don’t understand people because reliability is really hard to understand. For example, you trust someone completely and he / she shows an unexpected behavior at a time you do not expect. So you are very hurt.

In fact, one should always behave consistently.

A person should be either reliable or insecure, it shouldn’t be both. If both get together, friendship becomes harder and even tortured.

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I love to study, research, sea,tree,animals,read and learn new things.

18 thoughts on “My weekend diary

  1. Well that just says that everyone is human… people have their moments.

    I don’t always understand people either…

    I usually surround myself with people I do understand, and who are sincere with me… with that you can be at ease and relax

    But I also learn from the ones I don’t understand. I am just more careful when I don’t understand them.

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    1. Thank you very much for according to busy contribute my post, You expressed well with a different point of view, I usually try to be with people who understand me in the same way and pay attention to others

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      1. Thank you 😊… I am full of life lol … yours are very intriguing and make me curious… very informative with different things and areas – I love that!

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      2. Thank you for kindly think,
        I pleasure read your thoughts and articles and I look forward to your comments on my articles.
        ”The best thing in life is to love and be loved”, if you value the person, you will enjoy what is written.

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